Canadian and American Gasoline Prices: Reviewing the Issues

  • Costas Nicolaou


The Canadian Oil Markets and Trade Division (OMID) of the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources (EMR) collects, analyses and disseminates specialized data on the refining and marketing sectors of the Canadian oil industry. These data are an indispensable aid to researchers and observers of oil refining and marketing in Canada. Occasionally OMID publishes its analysis. One such welcome contribution is the recent Review of Gasoline Retailing: Canada vs United States, 1973-1987(EMR/OMTD, pp.20, June 1989), hereafter called the Review. In it EMR recognises that public attention has often focused on the disparity between US and Canadian prices and sets out to quantify some differences in the two markets which could account for part of that price disparity.