Benchmarking the North American Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Industry

Jack Fuller, Louise Ayre


Benchmarking the North American Atmospheric

Fluidized Bed Industry


Atmospheric fluidized bed combustion (AFBC) boilers are a mature, well established, and valuable technology. Their fuel flexibility, combustion efficiency, and relatively low emission levels have seen them attract new interest in recent times. In order to ensure plant sustainability it is important for AFBC plant operators to maintain a high level of operational performance and plant efficiency. Benchmarking is a tool that can aid the attainment of superior performance and efficiency levels. It has widespread use throughout many industries and allows managers to gauge how their company performs relative to similar firms and identify areas that are in need of improvement. Sponsored by Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO), this paper presents a set of North American AFBC industry benchmarks for the year of 2009. Focusing on both circulating and bubbling bed boilers, the benchmarks are intended to enhance the industry’s overall efficiency and sustainability.


atmospheric fluidized bed combustion; benchmarking; fuel flexibility; emissions; biofuels; efficiency; environmental performance; outages;

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Jack Fuller
West Virginia University

Louise Ayre
West Virginia University, Morgantown USA