Analysis of Energy Consumption and Energy Intensity Indicators in Central and Eastern European Countries


  • Vaclovas Miskinis
  • Jurgis Vilemas
  • Inga Konstantina Viciute



This paper focuses on changes in the national economies and on the final energy consumption during the transformation period in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other Central and Eastern European countries. One of the legacies in countries with central planning in the economy and energy sec tor is the inefficient use of energy. An increase in energy efficiency is one of the most important strategic goals in these countries. Achievements in countries with transition economies during the last decade clearly demonstrate significant progress in this area. However , the methodology of energy efficiency comparison in developed and developing countries is still under discussion . This paper present s the comparison of various indicators such as energy consumption per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GOP) and energy consumption per capita as well as their changes in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The paper also focuses on the assessment of real differences in energy efficiency in the EU- 15 countries and the new member states of the EU-25 .