The more Sustainable buildings, the more Sustainable societies

An Overview on Building Sustainable Evaluation in the World


  • Nima Norouzi Energy department, Amirkabir university of technology, Tehran, Iran



Different sustainability standards were applied to implement the concept of sustainable development around the world. Since the residential and services sector is highly dependent on the buildings and as one of the main parts of energy demand and the most important factors of development of life-quality and environmental issues. With the importance of the buildings being mentioned; sustainability standards are significant issues to be executed on the buildings to reach the mentioned goals in those sectors, and since there are various types of these standards, evaluation is essential to choose which is more reliable and efficient to reach the sustainability-based goals. This paper is intended to investigate different building assessment standards. The evaluating methods and scoring mechanisms are based on the energy category as one of the primary assessment measures. Finally, the methods of building sustainability assessment have been compared in these Criteria dimensions: ecological, social, and economical.