Assessing the Potential for the Implementation of a High-Performance Window Incentive Program


  • Henri P. Carriere
  • A. John Sinclair



The aim of this research is to evaluate the energy reduction and cost savings involved in a proposed Manitoba Hydro Demand-Side Management incentive program for the installation of high-performance windows. Manitoba homeowners generally purchase triple-glazed windows. This study analyzes whether it is financially feasible for homeowners to purchase high-performance rather than triple-glazed windows and the need for a utility window incentive program. The new technologies which improve the window thermal performance in high-performance windows include low-emissivity glazings and films, inert gas fills between panes, insulated edge spacers, and insulated frames. The analysis was carried out using an interview process to determine current window prices in the study area, computer software (WINDOW 4.0 and HOT2000), and financial screening analysis. The results indicate that very few high-performance windows pass the economic tests for both consumers and the utility. Although it was found that high-performance window technologies reduced energy loads in homes, the study concludes that the utility should not promote these through financial incentives at this time.